We have chosen this name because our objective is to make your dreams come true.
All girls have dreamt since their childhood of the very day in which the loved one will ask them to marry them, and accordingly of their dream wedding, their wedding dress, the flower arrangements and every single detail of their special moment.
Unfortunately, many times such dreams of perfection fail to come true.
The fiancé will propose casually at home in front of the television, and the details of the wedding will be discussed only in the evening after having taken care of more serious daily business.
Often at the end of a very long day at work , thinking of the wedding details is the last thing on most people's minds, which leads to arguments, then reconciliation and when the time comes to call the various caterers the answer is always the same: " We are unfortunately fully booked for the respective day."
The result is a wedding ceremony that fails to meet your expectations, chaos and stress.

We are therefore here to take care of these particular details, to allow you free reign in planning and enjoying the big day with no worries.
There won't be any need for thousands of phone calls or emails. You will only have one coordinator whose only objective is to exceed your expectations in any single detail. A professional wedding planner who will never stray form your budget or your dream expectations, a consultant who will guide you step by step towards the happy event that you have always dreamt of.

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