Sit back, relax and imagine:
Everything is ready for the ceremony, and they are all waiting for you.
The soft music starts playing and you take the first step towards your future.
Looking to your left and to your right, everything is in place, as you have always desired, the right song, the right colors and the right perfume.
The guests only have eyes for you as you slowly come closer step by step. And there he is, your fiancé, extending his hand for you to take your rightful place by his side. He cannot take his eyes off you, as you have never appeared more beautiful and radiant in that magnificent dress, perfect hairdo and make up, designed to take his breath away.
The ceremony starts, the wedding vows are tearfully exchanged, and the wedding rings placed on your fingers before the long awaiting kiss seals the promise. Everybody stands and applauds while a rice shower welcomes you into your new life.
Keep in mind the memory evoked by these few words, this is your Dream and we can make it true together.
Whatever your dream may be, we can make it real in any single detail, in perfect harmony.
With our service Relaxed Dreams, allow us to think of everything from the planning stage to the coordination of the special day.
You can also use only our services of event coordination for the wedding day with the service Day Dream.

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